I think that a lot of the time, it is really easy to say things dont bother us when in fact somewhere inside we are feeling every sensation.

I know that personally it is easier for me to switch down a gear than deal not only with my own emotional stuff, but also with the emotions that result from others when we share.

So many things bring me great heartache. Stories of children being mistreated, horrendous unneccesary violence, whole populations starving to death as we live in OZ and get fatter every day.
And, then we have the audacity to whinge about the crappy inconsequential stuff going on around us. Negativity towards other nations who would appreciate the opportunity to live in this country and work and feed their children and have a house. To be safe.

We have so much stuff that we take for granted. All of us.

Time to wake up – practice gratitude and take ownership of our life on this planet, individually and as a global community.

bed time now. buono serra. j 🙂


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