Word of the Week June 10, 2009

Well, upon the suggestion of a very fine fellow (see comments WoW 13 May), this weeks word is “bell end”.

It is such a fine description of such a fine thing. I have to laugh every time i hear, think or say “bell end” because i have the sense of humour of a 12 year old and because i am overwhelmingly a visualist and immediately picture said “bell end”.

Magnificent. I found the biggest example i could so there were no misunderstandings. It’s all for scientific integrity you understand…………..

Bell End
1. The head of the male penis. The glans.
example: Do you wanna see my bell end?

2. The end of a man’s beast.
example: Sadaam is a bell-end. Sort him out.

3. The end of ones cock
example: Mr. Oller you are a right bell end………and also get a hair cut!

4. Big shiny purple end of the penis
example: its not my fault i can’t get it up, just lick my bell end
(courtesy of urban dictionary once again)

some wonderful definitions and ideas for you to use “bell end” in a conversation over the next week…enjoy!


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