Word of the Week May 13, 2009

Now obviously this is not a word i have just discovered. It has been in my repertoire since high school days, however, what captured my heart was the truly charming example provided.

Fuck Stick – slang for penis, or used as an insult.
e.g.. the gross term, ‘Would you like to lick the salty end of my fuck stick ?’.
definition courtesy of

But wait it gets better, if this definition has you enamoured, you can purchase the mp3 version of Fuckin’ Your Daughter with a Frozen Vomit Fuck Stick (i bullshit you not check the link back to amazon). I have included the music cover below for your viewing pleasure.
Skilfully delivered no doubt, by, wait for it: Prosthetic Cunt (http://portal.prostheticcunt.com/). You can join their site for free and get all kinds of delightful things.

So there you go. Just another profound experience i am happy to share with you all. I hope you enjoy it too! Happy Wednesday.


2 thoughts on “Word of the Week May 13, 2009

  1. Monkeypants

    Man at the pub! you are a man after my own heart… one of my very favourite expressions the old "bell end". The visuals crack me up every time i hear it. In fact to honour your suggestion it will be the very next word of the week. Merci.

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