Things i have learned in the 6 weeks since my 41st birthday…..

1. Being 40 something really kinda rocks.
2. When you have a genuine orgasm, your anus contracts and expands as in a twitch
3. When you lose focus on your business, your business loses focus.
4. Your kids only get one chance at being a child and enjoying their childhood.
5. At the end of the day, spending real dedicated time with your kids is way more important than anything else on the planet.
6. Facebook, and are incredibly interesting sites. So is although i can’t help but think about wanting to clean up a lot.
7. My self appointed king of porn elder brother believes is better than the other two.
8. Having Easter and mothers day right after your birthday is very, very nice!
9. I take great comfort in knowing that my friends and family are all truly wonderful human beings.
10. My friends have always been the measure of who i consider myself to be and looking around, i’m really liking me and i’m really loving them.

That’s all so far. i will keep you updated on the rest throughout the year.


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