Honestly, what were they on?

Fascinating stuff the 1990’s. Check out this album cover and let me know if you can figure out how you could have considered this a good idea unless you were wasted or a complete knob? It topped out at #158 for the year on the US Top 200. Surprising that.

On the upside, you can still buy a copy from Amazon (I shit you not) pun intended, for the princely sum of $66 US dollars.

If you already own a copy you will be relieved to know that it is now considered a collectors item.
See below for the track listings. Absolutely delightful. Perfect for a romantic evening…….

Track Listings
1. Niggas Ain’t Playin’
2. Don’t Cost a Dime – MC Breed, Pooh-Man,
3. Funky
as I Wanna Be
4. Mellow Man
5. Projects
6. Player Haters

7. Racia – Ant Banks, Pooh-Man, , Too Short
8. Fuckin’ Wit Dank [Remix]
9. Big Gangster
10. Your Dick
11. Eatin’ Pussy
12. Mellow Man [Instrumental]
13. Sex, Money and Murder


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